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Budget-Conscious? Here's Your Live Console

The Behringer SX3242FX Eurodesk boasts a whopping 32 channels of audio, including 24 fully fledged microphone channel strips outfitted with XENYX preamps and three-band "British" EQ -- because sounding great is just as important as having enough channels.

Huge Channel Count

Just try getting this many channels anywhere near this price from a different manufacturer. You can't. Behringer's manufacturing output makes it possible for them to offer an incredibly low price for professional-grade audio equipment. With 24 microphone channels and an additional eight line inputs arranged in stereo pairs, you'll be able to mix rock bands, chamber groups, pit orchestras, choirs, worship services, and a whole lot more. In addition to the 32 true input channels, the SX3242FX gives you four subgroups for assigning multiple inputs to a single fader. Use the subgroups to control an entire drum kit or all the backup signers from a single volume fader, or use them to create specific monitor mixes for different performers. You also get a mono output that can be used as a center channel, a monitor send, or a subwoofer send.

Absolutely Pro-Quality Sound

Behringer Eurodesk mixers certainly do not champion quantity over quality. Each of the 24 microphone channels features Behringer's crystal-clear XENYX preamps, renowned for their low self-noise and transparent gain architecture. They make the perfect complement to the three-band "British" EQ on channels 1 through 28. By "British," Behringer means the kind of warm, musical equalization that British console manufacturers specialize in. In stark contrast to the surgical EQs found on most American-designed consoles, the SX3242FX's British EQ makes it easy to dial frequencies in (or out) in a way that always sounds "pleasant" to the listener. In other words, it's hard to make this board sound bad.

Built-In 24-Bit Effects

To further sweeten your sound, the Behringer SX3242FX has its own effects processing built right in. Instead of having to spend thousands on racks of outboard processing gear, all your compressors, reverbs, gates, delays, and other effects are right in the box. The Eurodesk's dual, 24-bit digital effects processors let you make use of two independent stereo effects for use in your mix. You even get oft overlooked effects like Ultrabass, Ultramizer and Exciter -- algorithmic audio processes that can mean the difference between a good mix and an amazing mix.

Automatic Feedback Detection

Typically you'd need to buy a separate unit dedicated to the destruction of feedback, but the Behringer Eurodesk SX3242FX comes with an intuitive and effective system built-in. Just activate the FBQ, and watch the LED's under the seven-band master EQ light up, indicating problem bands for whatever space you're working in. Simply adjust the EQ until the LED dims -- it couldn't be easier. Feedback is the biggest literal headache for any live sound system, and it makes feedback problems a thing of the past.

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Behringer SX3242FX Eurodesk 32 Channel Mixer

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